About Us

With 25 years of experience and experience, we produce offshore and speedboats, catamarans, hovercrafts, military, commercial and sightseeing boats, yacht production, speedboat production at 100+ miles speed.

In our production; composite boats and spare parts are manufactured by vacuum, vacuum infusion, hand laying, curing (firing) techniques with gelcoat, carbon, carbon fiber, carbon kevlar, multiaxial glass fiber, polyester, vinilester and epoxy materials. Also; model production, mold production, special design boat production services are provided.

If you are looking to buy a boat, check out our affordable and high quality boats tailored to your needs in different sizes and specifications.

Alemdar Marine Technologies offers superior accommodation and hospitality to its boats with its superior experience and service.

Please contact us to benefit from our wintering-accommodation in different options, including indoor and outdoor areas within 10.000 m2 area.

Meet our team

    Murat Alemdar
    Gökhan Külçe
    Industrial Designer
    Zehra ANİÇ
    Sales & Purchase Manager
    Naval Architecth
Design and material quality is our priority.
Alemdar Marine Tehnology combines the materials of the leading companies in the sector with design to adding comfort and durability to your life.

Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

Ideas and concepts shaped by the maritime experience of 25 years.


Effective solution with fully equipped 3d design service.

Highly customizable

Determine your needs, let us provide solutions.

You Are SAfe

We are always with you by after-sales services.